Is Your Life A Dance Or A Battlefield?

attitude creates reality

So many of us are roaming around this world as if our life is a battlefield. What do I mean by that? For them, life is always hard, and filled with strife and conflict. They are always fighting against someone or something. It seems like they are living one of the hardest lives on this planet, where everyone is against them. They want to be happier, but it is impossible because their life is a battlefield filled with misery and desperation.

There are other people who are living a really easy life. Or so it seems. Their life is a dance. They are dancing with everyone and everything. They are happy and joyful. It’s a pleasure and delight to be around them. It doesn’t meant that they don’t have hard things happen to them, but yes, they are always dancing.

Why Does This Matter?

The reality, the harsh reality of it all is that tomorrow you might die. You might even die the next second. How would you have wanted to live your life is you were going to die any second. In a battlefield? Or in a dance?

I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a world where everyone is with and everyone wants to help me. A reverse paranoid is one who believes everything is stacked for him/her. That’s how I want to live my life.

It seems like such an easier way to go through life, rather than fighting everything, every step of the way. I know people who live like that, and they are tired, unhappy, and just plain miserable. They can’t be otherwise. The universe hates them, and everything is stacked against them. Even a taxi ride becomes a moment of battle. A walk down the street becomes a fight. A chance meeting with a friend becomes a hate fest.

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