Guess What? You Are Not Powerless Because That’s Impossible


I see so many instances of this in the world that we live in. I see people trying to get power over other people, or over their own bodies and lives, because they feel powerless somehow. This world can be pretty demotivating, and demoralizing at times, if you let it be.

The more I notice that witness in myself, that watcher that watches everything, the more I notice how she’s unaffected by everything. She doesn’t get affected by anything. She’s so powerful, she doesn’t need anything outside of herself, telling her that she should be stronger, or better, or bigger, or bolder. Isn’t that amazing?

If I could just learn from her. Wait, in fact, I am her. So I am as powerful as her.

The Universe Wouldn’t Exist Without Us

The reality is that the universe wouldn’t exist without us! Due to the observer effect from Quantum Physics, we know that the universe needs, absolutely needs, consciousness to exist. Without us, the universe wouldn’t exist. It needs us. It is powerless without us.

That in itself gives me a sense of my importance on this planet and in this universe. I am not just another consciousness, I’m not just another human, or another whatever. I am necessary in the cogs of existence, because without me existence, and consciousness wouldn’t exist.

That’s insane, and awesome, and lovely, and I want you guys to start believing and learning all of this right now. Right now.

The next time you want to buy a new toy, or wield your power over someone else, or work out like insane to control your body, stop yourself. Those sources of power are all meaningless, because they are empty sources. They will dwindle faster than you can blink your eyes. So why bother with them? Why spend so much energy and time on them, when you are more powerful than you can imagine.

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