Join A Gamified Version Of The Spiritual Awakening Journey

spiritual awakening journey

I spend the last two months working on “The Awakening Odyssey.” It is a gamified version of the spiritual journey through unconscious to awakened, using 108 video modules, and an awesome community based site.

Working so hard for the last two months, I was finally able to release it on November 2nd, for everyone to experience. It has been one of those nominal experiences for me. Something that I have wanted to build for a long time, but never had the courage to do so. The courage that was lacking in me for so long. The courage to build something entirely for myself, for my needs, and if everyone else wants to join in, then they can. But this is entirely and truly for me.

The Odyssey Awaits You

You are so welcome to the Odyssey. Check it out at to see what’s it all about. There isn’t much I can explain through words. You have to see it to believe it, and that’s the power of this world we live in. The power of the Internet, and all of the amazing tools that we have at our disposal, makes even a non-techie person like me able to create something so awesome.

I used WordPress to host it, because I love the flexibility of WordPress, and how powerful it can be, if used accurately. I look at what I have created, and I cannot believe that it was me. I did this. I made this. I am so grateful for this superpower that I have developed all of a sudden. It makes me feel so awesome and powerful that I cannot even imagine.

So I am here inviting you into the community if any of this jibes with you, if my ideas jibe with you. I want more and more awesome people in my life. I want to interact with you guys, and learn from you.

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