Do Not Send Pity Into The World – Send Joy, Hope, And Love

compassion sends love not pity

This world is going to shit, so why bother? This is a common refrain among a lot of the younger generation (including me when I was younger). It makes sense. The world is dying, we are killing off this precious Earth, people are fighting and killing each other, children are dying of hunger and being sold into sex slavery, and so much more. There’s so much to be sad about.

When I see people being sad about the state of affairs, I want to shake them out of that funk. Sending more negative emotions into a world that is riddled with negativity is not going to help the situation.

Our role should be send out so much positivity into the world that it overtakes the negativity and kills it dead.

Stop Sending Pity To People – Send Them Love

Enough was enough for me when yesterday I was standing there with a friend who was feeling sad for every poor person in Thailand. How is this helpful right now? Feeling sad for everyone, makes you feel better for being a good person, but it doesn’t actually help the situation. It just adds on to their already negative persona.

Send them strength to be able to get out of their negative situation.

Send them love so they can feel that love in their heart despite their negative situation.

Instead of adding to the already pervasive spirit of negativity in this overstuffed world, let’s try to bring positivity. But one person being positive isn’t going to change a thing, you say.

Well, that’s true, but what about hundreds of people or thousands of people. If people meditating in NY for a few minutes can reduce crime rate for a few days, then we can seriously do anything with the power of togetherness. We just have to believe and we have on fighting the negative media, and fear-mongering governments.

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