We Know The Answers Come From The Inside – Why Then Do We Go Outside?

feeling empty inside?

I have realized something about this universe that we live in. It is a property of this universe that we should all learn and know. The answers come from the inside. Changing something on the outside will never give us the solace that we are looking for. And, if you’ve heard this lesson before, and you think, you don’t need to hear it again, think again. The universe never makes any mistakes, so you are hearing this lesson for a very important reason. So pay attention, perk up, and listen up.

If you are unhappy, or unmotivated, or uninspired, or un-anything, moving to a different country, buying a new house, quitting your job, leaving your partner, buying new clothes, eating a lot of food, will not fill that hole, and make you feel better. It might fill the hole temporarily, but you are going to be back in that hole soon enough and wondering what the hell?

Right? It’s happened to me before. I thought if I ran away travelling to a hundred countries, I would be able to leave my feeling of purposelessness. But guess what? I took that with me everywhere I went.

Fix The Inside, The Outside Will Fix Automagically

So work on the inside. However you want. It doesn’t really matter. Journal. Or do crossfit. Or yoga. Meditate. Chant. Kirtan. Volunteer. Or whatever.

The technique doesn’t matter. Different people use different ways. That’s all cool.

Just do the work on the inside, so you can effect that change on the outside. That’s the only way to do it. I’m sorry to tell you that getting that plastic surgery or that $10,000 wedding ring will not change a damn thing. Been there, done that!

Come back to the present, and find out, in your body and mind, what the hell are you missing? Is it purpose? Why are you feeling empty? Find that reason and everything will get solved, as if by magic. No magic wand required.

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