How Do You Know If You Are Happy?

happiness needs misery

I don’t know about you, but for me, my happiness and joy in this world is paramount. I spend a lot of time observing myself and wondering, am I happy or if not, what’s going on that is affecting my equilibrium? What can I do to fix it, and how can I get back to my normal? I have even been labeled selfish, because I spend so much time wondering about my own happiness. That’s quite alright with me.

But what about you? Have you asked this question recently whether you are happy or not. And if you have, how do you know if you are happy?

Happiness Is Known Due To Misery

We know happiness because we have experienced the opposite, and we know misery because we have experienced the opposite. Light and dark. Yin and Yang. They are all necessary in this cycle of life. We cannot know one without the other. We need both.

How I know if I am happy now? Because I can make the distinction between times when I was really happy and times when I was really unhappy. That’s how I also know what other feelings mean – anger, determination, jealousy, fear, and so much more.

Human beings need the contrast. We are nothing but automatons or robots without the contrast. We know something is hot, because we have experienced the cold, and vice versa. Then, why are we always so against the extremes? We like being cold, but not hot. Or we like being happy, but not unhappy. Don’t we know that we need both ends in order to realize what is true for us?

Now, I want you to make a promise to yourself. Even if you are unhappy, you are not going to let it bring you down. You will realize it is a necessity for you to experience even more joy the next time around. The deeper the valleys, the higher the peaks.

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