Thank You To Everyone Who Shares Their Sunshine

share sunshine everywhere

I know I complain a lot about energy vampires, and how protective I am of my energy. But in this post today, I wanted to speak about the other side, about the angels that I encounter every single day, the sunshine paraders. These are the people whom I want to thank in this post – they are the ones who deliver me from sadness, and depression. They bring sunshine into my life every day by sharing their own bright light. They give me permission to be myself. Without them, I would be sitting in a deep, dark hole, with no way of getting out.

There are so many of these individuals in my life. Not only are they ever present in the form of actual human beings, but also, in the form of books, poems, quotes, movies, documentaries, sunshine, nature, birds, music, and so much more. So sunshine is always dropping into my lap from all different avenues.

Please Share Your Sunshine With Me

I was having this conversation with a friend of mine, Wayne. He had just had the one of those moments, where everything seems perfectly connected, and everything is sunshiny. He received this gift in the form of a conversation with a Uber taxi driver. He came back home on a high. He messaged me right away and 8,122 miles (13,072 kms) away from him in Toronto (from Chiang Mai), I sat in awe as I saw his words on my screen and his joy and effervescence transferred over to me trickle by trickle.

I felt the sunshiny joy rise up in me. He shared a song with me, and pretty soon, he was dancing on his end in his apartment and I was dancing on my end here in my parent’s living room. It was an ethereal experience. He went to sleep on a high, and I started my day on an absolute high.

I was so grateful in that moment to have a friend who wasn’t afraid to share his sunshine with me. Not only was I appreciative of the fact that he trusted me enough to offer his sunshine to me, but also that I was brave enough to accept his sunshine and take it, without feeling unworthy or jealous.

And Please Let Me Share Mine With You

I am also grateful to have these sunshine carriers in my life because I can share my sunshine with them. The unfortunate matter of life is that there are a lot of sad, depressed, lonely, and almost suicidal people out there. If I shared my sunshine with them, they would retaliate, get angry, and put me down. They make me feel terrible for being happy when they are unhappy and the world is such a sad state of affairs.

It is really tough because no matter what is going on in the world, my happiness is still valid. I should be allowed to be happy even if there are millions of people starving or dying or at war. It doesn’t mean that I am putting their misery out of mind in anyway, but what is the point of my misery in all of this? If I am miserable along with everyone else, will that ensure that these people will become happier?

Are You Over Your Happiness Quota?

The reality is that my happiness doesn’t take away from someone else’s happiness, nor does my misery add to someone else’s happiness. Happiness isn’t a scarce resource like coal or oil. If I am too happy one day, it doesn’t mean that I have to pay it back the next day. There isn’t a quota of happiness that we all have to fulfill.

I read in the long ago past that all humans are born with a certain number of heartbeats and once we get to that number, we die. It wasn’t accurate obviously, but as a young child, I took it to heart. I stopped running around everywhere, and sat still for a couple of days. I didn’t want to engage my heart too much because I wanted to live a long, long time. Eventually, though I decided, I would rather run around, play, and be really happy right now, even if that meant I would die early.

I think of happiness in the same manner. I have a limited amount of time on this planet and I want to be as happy as possible, as filled with sunshine as possible, every single day, every single moment.

Share Sunshine Everywhere

I want to bring as much sunshine to as many people as possible. I want people to leave my side feeling relaxed, happy, and filled with joy. I want them to go back home with a light heart, and a feeling that everything will turn out alright.

The same will happen with the sunshine people I hang out with on a daily basis. They bring happiness and joy to me, making me feel like nothing really matters, and everything shall pass. All that matters is my happiness in this moment right now.

Sharing sunshine like this brings us all back to the present moment. We don’t worry about the past or the future, because we are bought back to this very moment right now, the only moment that matters. We realize we can’t really control our happiness levels in the past or the future, but we can control right now. So we do.

We laugh, we dance, we sing, and we are happy.

Love Fills Our Hearts To Bursting

When Wayne was sharing his joy with me, he said that he felt so much love in his heart that it was filled to bursting. He felt his heart open up and encompass every single human being on this planet. Even though was thousands of miles away from him, I felt it too. I felt his joy and I felt my joy bursting open this world, so that there were no boundaries in between him and I.

We were in this parallel universe, as he phrased it. This joy and connection and love took us there as a magic spell.

Wow. Wayne and I were sharing sunshine. We ended up in a parallel universe together, where time and space didn’t matter. Everything he messaged me, I could feel. And he was the same way.

Love has no boundaries, isn’t just a cliche term. It is reality. When we are in the true power of love,¬†we can traverse thousands of miles in a matter of milliseconds. Microseconds. Nanoseconds. Instantaneously.

Can You Feel My Joy?

I don’t know if you feel my joy as I write this post. Do you think everything in my life is absolutely perfect? No. There are some things in which I feel things could be better. But Wayne bought so much sunshine into my life that I felt joy all day long. I’m writing this post ten hours after our conversation, but I still feel the buzz of his sunshine in my heart.

I hope that this post will be able to boost you up for a few minutes, as I sent out rays of sunlight into your heart wherever on this planet you might be.

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