There’s So Much Love In The Universe For Me, For All Of Us

theres much love

I am sitting here in a cafe called Ombra in Chiang Mai. It is a beautifully laid out cafe, with lots of seating space, lots of outlets (a boon for a laptop worker like me), good coffee, and the freedom to sit and work for as long as we want. I came here because the universe directed me here. I was going to work at a different cafe, but for some random reason that cafe was closed today. A random event that ensured that I came to Ombra, because it was meant to be that I am sitting here in this cafe.

I didn’t know why when I first came to Ombra that I had to be here, but one by one the reasons were revealed to me. One after another, friends came by, tapping me on my shoulder, getting my attention, as I was engrossed in my writing, and my music. “Oh wow, I haven’t seen you in a while.” A hug and a brief catchup. Three times, this happened. I didn’t expect it. Even though, I had come here to write, the universe had a different plan. I knew when I woke up today that I would be a writing fiend, so I came here and I did write a lot. In fact, I wrote even more, the more love I received from all of these wonderful friends.

That’s one of the things about meeting people when you travel. If you meet them again, it’s as if time has stood still. It doesn’t matter that it’s been months since you saw them. All that matters is that we are here right now together, and let’s catch up. “Have things changed or have they remained the same? Are you happy or not? Do you love your life as much as before? Yes, good.” 

Love Comes At Us In Different Ways

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t feeling especially the need for love or friendship. One of my close friends in CM, was leaving for 3 days to do his visa run (get his visa renewed) to Laos, and I knew I would be alone and able to focus on my work. But I guess, the universe has a different agenda for me. Or a different message.

I feel like the universe is telling me that you are loved. You are loved a hundred times over. A thousand times over. Here is some love for you here. There’s some love for you there.

Even breakfast was filled with love for me. I have been having a few stomach issues as my body readjusts to Thailand, and this morning, as always, the universe provided. I went to a random food stall right next door to me, and the lady made this delicious rice porridge for me filled with potent pieces of ginger that burned my mouth and healed my stomach.

My stomach already feels a thousand times better. It feels happy and relaxed. The love that the universe sent to me in the form of a full, delicious bowl of rice porridge (for 25 baht that’s less than a dollar) is still coursing through my veins in the form of proteins, ginger, and fats.

I walked through the neighbourhood after, and I smiled at everyone because that’s what my face is like. It smiles at strangers, and humans, and dogs, and cats, and birds, and trees. I smiled and they smiled and we completed the love circle even more.

Do You See The Love Coming At You?

I guess I am lucky enough to have the time to focus on and accept all of this beautiful love being dumped into my lap from all the corners of the world. I wasn’t always like this. When I had a busy corporate job, I ran around too busy to notice all the love that was coming at me.

But now, I see it everywhere. In every drop of rain, in every beautifully created cup of latte, in every hug from a friend, in every smile from a stranger, in every bite of food that passes my mouth, in every byte of good internet that I am able to use, in everything.

The list is endless.

If I really start listing it out, my list of things I’m grateful for, lasts forever.

Do you see this for yourself? Are you able to separate yourself out for long enough to see all of those moments of love that the universe is showering over you? Are you able to become the observer and thank the universe for it?

Or are you thinking that there are no such moments. Are you thinking that no one loves me, least of all the universe?

You are mistaken. Not only does the universe love you, but more than that, it is sending you a message in every moment through your tirelessly beating heart and your breath. Every moment that we are alive due to the continued, concerted efforts of all the 3.72 trillion cells in our body, we are loved.

Does it seem a bit farfetched to you? If you started imagining all the ways your body’s intricate mechanism could fail, you would instantly realize how much love had to happen for you to be here and for you to be alive. If that isn’t love, then what is?

I Walk Through A Loving Universe

Every single day, I am more and more grateful to the universe for the love it’s giving to me, and the more grateful I feel, the more love I get.

Think about it this way. Does your partner love you more when you appreciate him/her, or does he love you more when you complain/berate/admonish him/her?

It is just a logical way of looking at things. The more you appreciate things, the more they grow in magnitude and power. So we can bring more goodness into our lives, and more love, by appreciation, love, gratitude. Complete the cycle over and over again.

The more I love, the more I’m loved. The more I am loved, the more I appreciate. And, the more I appreciate… You get the idea.

Let’s all of us start our own gratitude cycles and put it on high. Boom!

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